My first blog post... / by Kenton Waltz

This is my first blog post. I’m writing it somewhat begrudgingly. As someone who sees the world through photographer’s eyes, I’m used to telling stories with images and not words. But! Posting gallery after gallery of images on my facebook page is not working very well for my analytics. According to one of my producers (Liz), blogs are crucial to keeping the analytics of a website on the upswing. 

So here we are… My first post, on my first blog. In this post, I’m going to feature some of my very first photographs. These images, shot on film, are quite emblematic of my ethos: I want to help people realize who they are. These images are definitely a fumble of sophomoric skill, but the subject matter is an exploration of my friends, Brianna and Nick, and their home towns. 

Ps. This was my first roll of film shot at Ball State University. Estimated date of shoots 2007.